A crown of thorns was placed on the head of Jesus by his captors to cause him pain and to mock his claim of authority.
                                            But God demonstrates his love for us, while we were still sinners, Christdied for us. –Romans 5:8 

                                                                               Out with the old year in with the New Year 2018

Many times as we draw close to practically kissing the New Year we all want to dump the old habits, the old faces, the old places, turn our calendar page and get on with the new, just like that. Not so fast! Have you considered that the new many times requires preparation and its not just snap your fingers turn the calendar page. David ultimately came into the new as King but it required years of preparation, upon preparation as Moses' aide Joshua was given the assignment to bring God's people into the promised land after Moses died. When you get a new car or house many times you have to prepare the old car or house for selling purposes before acquiring the new.

As individuals we have to first take stock of the old, 2017, and then prepare for the new. Truth is in reality if not then nothing much really happens or changes and it will just boil down to after a few mere months just another New Year.

Joshua Duped!
In Joshua chapter 9 the Gibeonites duped Joshua because they feared for their lives. They heard what Joshua had done to Jericho and Ai and he had a charge by God to enter, take over, and take possession of the land of Canaan. Yes, Joshua was duped but he had something for the Gibeonites for their trickery. Remember Joshua now carried divine authority. You may recall Moses laid hands on him in Deuteronomy 34:9 and now because of their trickery Joshua INVOKED A CURSE on them MAKING THEM SERVANTS to the Levites as their hewers of wood and drawers of water--FOREVER! This meant no New Year or no new season for them even if they turned the calendar page. They would perform this menial, LOWEST office and drudgery in the sanctuary task PERPETUALLY. They would ALWAYS be the tail and never the head. Meaning they would always serve and never lead or be the entrepreneurial headship of anything. Never getting ahead in life because they drug around a curse from year to year.

Beloved in making preparation for the New Year, the new you, and goal setting we may want to first prepare and consider 2017 by casting off and out any curses so you don't just drag them into the new. You may get a new home but if you don't deal with roaches from the old home you'll just end up dragging them into the "new" home. The curse may not be as a cutter of wood or drawer of water all the days of your life but maybe an ongoing sickness, ongoing lack, ongoing addiction, ongoing pain, ongoing calamity, barrenness may be the curse, mental depression or oppression. I love Psalm 51 David was prayerful, remorseful, and honest before his God and came to grips with what HE had done to cause death, heartache, and hardship to himself and others verses dragging it around. At times we too must come to grips with things we bring on ourselves due to a foothold and open access because of our continual rebellion and disobedience toward the Lord even as a believer.  Beloved if not faced with honesty and dealt with then nothing much really changes permanently in year 2018 other than it just being another new year.

In the course of my ministry I held a team of intermittent intercessors and one of them carried the prophetic along with very keen insight on spiritual warfare matters and brought to my attention Wicca and witchcraft against this assignment. Praise God for her revelation. So with prayer, united intercession, fasting and the taking of our God given authority we was able to combat that weapon and curse spoken trying to form itself against the mission so that the work would not be hampered year in and year out.

Beloved I don't know about you but many of us like the new. New things are fresh in every sense of the word. So as we make plans and set goals for the new let us be mindful and make preparation as to NOT carry curses, bondage's, hang-ups, and habits as we transition from the old and drag them into the fresh and the new. So that we may experience genuine liberation in every way and then truly we can declare Happy New Year!

The late Professor Tony Dyson, British inventor builder of R2-D2 for Star Wars and visual effects for Superman II left this mission with these words:
"Your blessings are a gift which I thank you for, your dedication to spreading the word of love is an inspiration to us all.  I am not from the USA, nor am I of the same culture background as yourself, as I was born in England, but your love and passion for the Lord is clear.  I hope one day to meet you in person and give you a great big hug, for the love and friendship you are spreading across the world, with your message of hope and forgiveness to all mankind, is something amazing.  Thank you. Bless you and your ministry."

“It’s my pleasure to know you. You are doing wonderful things, continued success.”

 -Stanley Alston, The New Main Ingredient, American Soul R & B Music Group


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