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Blog 12 is the final blog by Sister Felicia. The ministry would like to publicly thank Sister Felicia for serving as a faithful blog contributor on the ministry's behalf. Recently she has begun her own personal testimonial Blog channel and You Tube channel called "Happiness in the Truth." 

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Blog #12



It’s a new year today!  God is good. I have so much to be thankful for.  God has brought me through another year of life.  2018 was a year that I determined to take more risks and I did just that!  I went out on faith and did all that I believe God led me to do.  For that I was proud.  I allowed God to lead.

2019, I believe is a year for me to face and overcome deeply rooted fears, which means I’ll have to go deeper in my relationship with God to overcome them.  Facing giants in life head on is one of the most challenging things a person can do.  God is showing me areas I need to develop and defeat to grow.  He’s telling me I need to do a better job of using my voice - speaking up when needed.  He wants me to be heard and feel like my presence is felt.  He’s asked me to confront insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.  I’m to walk with my head held high knowing that He is a forgiving God.  All I have done that sinned against Him in the past, I am forgiven for so there is no reason to feel shame or allow others to make me feel shame either.  


I’m stepping into uncharted territory.  I will turn 40 in October of 2019 and I would like nothing more but to be the person God formed and knew.  Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.” Who is the person God saw?  How do I go about becoming that woman of God?


That is my desire.  I want to overcome every doubt, fear, insecurity and challenge to Be the Felicia God saw!  I know that will require my faith to be stretched even further.  I’ll need to remove that which is not adding to my life and go where He says to go.  Do what He says to do.  The thought of it can be downright scary, but I am so thankful for Hebrews 11.  There I see other men and women of faith who trusted God, remained faithful and received His promise/s.  The fruit of their faithfulness was not always seen during their lifetime, but God’s promises were surely fulfilled.


As you begin the year, I’d encourage you to also ask God who He formed you to be.  What may be standing in your way in getting there?  Be honest with yourself and God, forgive, trust and move forward in Christ.  Always remember God is good and He has a path specifically for you.

May God bless you!

Sister Felicia

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