Call Me Deborah! A Woman, A Prophet, A True Leader!

Posted by Linda L. Johnson on Friday, March 4, 2011

True divine leaders are handpicked by God himself, not humans.  Many times he selects ordinary people to carry out his will in the earth. Unlike humans, he'll choose, not on the basis of race, gender, background, looks, stature, education and other earthly criteria, as we have seen so clearly in scripture.

In the bible you'll find leaders in which "the people" chose, and then other leaders "chosen by God" himself whereby we often see a distinct difference. Deborah, the prophetess, was fortunately a God choose. He chose and worked through THIS WOMAN by the power of his spirit on her and using her to bring deliverance to a nation.

I took notice of her attributes as well as her heart motives. She didn't just lead for the prestige of being a leader per say,  but she was genuinely concerned about the state and "Spiritual Condition" of the people.  You gotta remember that people picked by humans sometimes have their own motives and agenda.

I pondered this in contrast with today’s church. Where we conduct meetings and conferences and after the preached word, preachers are paid, attendees buy our books, CD’s, and we’re out the door. Leaving behind many times those who came with a host of spiritual needs and unfortunately leave out with no more than a feel-good, carrying out the door the same burdens, aliments, needs and demonic torments they came with. Lord have mercy.

As you’ll see, this woman of God, Deborah, carried a power, authority and ability through the prophetic "to ignite, to utter, to speak " and thereby create transformation. Powerful indeed!!  Folks, we can't just use the platform and mic just to merely hear ourselves speak. But I happen to believe their is a distinct sound when the spirit of the Lord and fire of his spirit touches the tongue!!   I would further be bold enough to declare that if we utter a message from God and nothing happens, then something went wrong somewhere because he word will always accomplish what it has been sent out to do. (Isaiah 55)

This handpicked vessel and prophetess lifted and delivered the people out from 20 years mind you, of oppression of their enemy transforming their spiritual state. My God!  

Wow, the prophetess, had an of God character that commanded respect.  She walked in an sphere and anointing of influence. This was evidenced by Barak, a man, who was a strong warrior and military leader along with the tribes of Naphtali and Zebulun literally "risked their own lives" by going into battle simply at the asking, and influence of the prophetess, Deborah.

She carried a spirit of wisdom as well. You may recall one of her functions and God given abilities as judge was making "wise assessments" by hearing and settling disputes as she sat up under her Palm Tree.  This is why a God choose is so important-- HE EQUIPS one for the job!!  When its a human pick, they can advise, counsel, train, groom and mentor.  However, there is no divine power or God obligation to back you up.

Did you know that Deborah's, primary role and assignment as judge and prophetess of the hour was not to just prophesy or to declare a word, but to encourage the people to obey God?  And it carried results!

Now if this isn’t enough to get you stirred up in God, I don’t know what will? Come on, get inspired! Dig in, and study for yourself, the story of this remarkable woman and prophetess of God, Deborah. Afterwards pray and ask the Lord to USE YOU! You may never be literally called a Deborah. But nonetheless, purpose and say to the Lord: "Lord, whatever way YOU CHOOSE to use me, I'll be satisfied." Now get-up and go in the calling, spirit, courage and strength of our Lord! Amen.

Reference: The biblical Book of Judges

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