Divine Appointments

Posted by Linda L. Johnson on Monday, December 31, 2018

December 31, 2018

Events and circumstances in our lives are not always just mere common occurrences but rather divine set-ups and many times they unfortunately go unrecognized. Beloved, it’s a most pitiful pathetic state when we don't recognize the answer to our prayers we have travailed and fasted about, when we don't recognize our blessings, and when divine appointments go unrecognized.

The book of Samuel sites a clear situation in the case of Saul who had no idea he would be chosen KING over Israel on a very ordinary day “going about” doing an ordinary task.  Saul was as a common no big deal kind of person much like you and I.  The difference was that unknown to him he had been chosen for a kingdom purpose and it was the perfect divine time.

In scripture we find Saul in the middle of doing a very mundane ordinary task, of all things just seeking his father’s missing donkeys, nothing necessarily exciting. The truth is many times we are oblivious as we shop, attend events, catch a taxi, bump into a stranger, or just out for a meal, that our divine appointment may show-up! Notice we don't have to be doing anything special or big!  Many times it shows itself among our mundane tasks and activity.

I've had recognizable divine appointments; two in particular immediately come to mind that brought me to a higher dimension in my life and mission. Your undetected divine appointment may be your next new job, it may be a wife, a set-up for a car, or like a family member who received a full ride Division I college athletic scholarship as a result of her divine set-up and divine appointment in being seated on one of her flights next to “a coach” she had never met before, and would later become “her coach.”

I want to caution church attenders that your divine appointment is not merely limited to happen within the parameters of your church.  It may manifest suddenly, anywhere and anytime!  This is why it's vital that we live a life of prayer that heightens our sensitivity, that our eyes are illuminated, and we're alert in sensing situations that may well be the Lord's guidance for our divine appointment for the next phase in our lives. *Note: Some appointments are permanent, yet some temporary, while others will be life-changing!! Such as in the case of David who was just tending the sheep, and would ultimately become David, the King!

The biblical book of Ruth is another example of a poor and broken woman and her incredible story of marrying a very wealthy man named Boaz to whom she once gleaned in his fields and would eventually marry and give him a son. This all happened due to the Lord’s guidance by way of divine orchestration and divine appointment. (I urge you to read this brief book to capture the essence of this amazing story.)

May this blog bring due season exhortation to readers who may be thinking, who me? I wish. Don't let the devil fool ya, because truth be told God, as in the case of Saul and others I pointed out here in this blog, not only does he direct your path, but he establishes and set’s up perfect conditions in order to bring you to the place he wills for you to be at the exact and right time. Having said all this, stay vigilant and alert! YOUR divine appointment may be much closer than you think.

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