Divine Timing

Posted by Linda L. Johnson on Monday, March 21, 2011

 Many of us have witnessed children who want things right now!  I must say that as adults our attitudes as it relates to this haven’t changed much.  We still want it our way or the highway. We want our small business (as if we could really handle it) to grow leaps and bounds— now!  We just got there yesterday, and we already want a job promotion—now! We want our children to grow-up—now!

It would do us good to become cognizant of the importance of time.
  Did you know that over 20 times in eight verses the wisest man that ever lived instructs us of the appropriate “timings” in which to:  speak, be silent, laugh, mourn, build, restructure, and to tear down?

Though Sarah and Abraham grew old, weary, and impatient with God’s promise--baby Isaac’s birth came at God’s perfectly “set time." 

I thought about David, it was many years from the time he was initially anointed king before he actually functioned in his calling as king. 

So be mindful, because of delay, we will birth Ishmael’s along the way, simply due to our inability to wait.  Yes, sometimes years, on God's due season for a thing.

Like King David, Sarah and Abraham, I want to caution you that in life, what we want and when we want it involves “the process of divine and set timing.”  Beloved in your lust and hurry to “want it now” remember God has not forgotten you and that HE has ordained a due season, a “set time” for your birth, and your very own Isaac.  In the meantime continue patiently waiting for his divine timing.

Scripture references:  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Galatians 6:8-9

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