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Testimonials: To God be the Glory!

Posted by Linda L. Johnson on Monday, January 19, 2015

O give thanks to the Lord for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever.

 Whoso is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the Lord.  Psalm 107:1,43

My boyfriend shot! As I finished preaching one Sunday morning and stepping off the platform to minister individually to the needs of people who had come to the altar.  Out from nowhere a young lady appeared, approached me and asked if I would come quickly out to her van in front and pray. Frantically stating, my boyfriend Pierre has been shot. 

As I crouched into the back of the van their lay the young man sweating, breathing fast and holding his bloody leg in the corner of the van. I acted swiftly praying and declaring the word of the Lord over him. Next, I urged her to drive him to the hospital for further treatment as he was losing much blood from the bullet. 

Weeks later I learned the young man did indeed survive the devil’s scheme to take him out and was becoming open to things of the Lord.  Unfortunately, all too many times it takes drastic circumstances before we become attentive to and draw closer to the Lord.  I thank God for his love, care, concern, healing and mercy toward this young man, granting him grace in his hour of great need.  I bless God for answering prayer.  To God be the Glory!

Cancer Free A relative spoke to me about a co-worker and believer in Christ who as being bothered by some kind of lumps not quite on but very near her breast.  My relative told her, (I will call her sister J.) to call and be seen right away for a diagnosis.  Sister J did call and got a same-day doctor appointment.  She was told she had breast cancer at an aggressive and advanced stage.  Sister J, was stunned and beyond devastated.  After sharing sister J’s story, I too interceded and while doing so the Holy Spirit directed me to do something I had never done before or since.  I told my relative to bring the sister my prayer shawl.  It was accompanied with Lord led directions and instructions I had written (and she followed) on how she was to use it in relation and in addition to her medical treatments. Today Sister J is cancer free and has been for several years now.  I bless God for this mission being able to intervene and partake in a minor way. To God be the Glory!

No Longer Barren When I met Karen she had been married for several years and her and her husband longed for a baby.  She had previously had a miscarriage and because of it she and her husband began looking into other means of having a baby. I asked her before moving forward to give God another chance--his way. While praying I spoke to her as the spirit gave me the utterance and directed me placing my hand on her belly.  The Lord was healing her from damage in her system on the inside that was blocking her ability to carry and to birth as she should.  But that day, healing occurred.  In just a few short weeks I received a call from Karen informing me she was pregnant--with twins. 

In the course of time she would lose one twin but give birth to the other, a completely healthy baby girl.   A few short years later she would conceive again, to yet another healthy baby.  God is good and grants us the desire of our heart. We thank God for answered prayer.  To God be the Glory!

Re-dedication-Heroin Addict No More!  The Lord allowed Gary and I to cross paths as I met his minor need but not without him hearing about the Lord.  We chatted for some time. He was honest and transparent and even shared with me that he had been a Heroin addict who had strayed from the Lord.  I listened then then asked if we could pray. After praying I asked if Gary wanted Jesus once again to rule and reign in his life?  Without hesitation, as if he was just waiting for this moment, he said yes.

Upon meeting him he had not used Heroin for about a year.  However, he realized he would need God’s help to stay free.  I thank God for directing our paths and I thank God for Gary's re-dedication of his life back to the Lord. To God be the Glory!

The Reunion The ministry received a call from a female TV viewer.  We chatted and became briefly acquainted, sharing she was a small business owner, where she resided, even asking for ways she could help, just an overall pleasant conversation.  During the course of conversation, she would share with me her burden she carried in not having heard from her son in some time. She did not know if he was yet in the city, out of the city, or even dead or alive for that matter due to the span of time. She was worried and deeply desired to just hear from him.  The Lord gave me words of comfort and faith to say to her and then I prayed.  About a month later I received a letter from this viewer who wrote to share with me that her son had at last called and was alive and well! I could feel her relief as I read her letter.  To God be the Glory for answered prayer!

Mother and Unborn child in Crisis   I met a man of God in Minneapolis.  It was a God-ordained, God-timing meeting unlike any other.  I could see by his countenance he as very broken so I asked if he was alright?  At the time I did not even know he was a pastor of a 1000 member congregation from Ethiopia.  He teared up, then broke down, and shortly thereafter composed himself enough to tell me what was happening.  His wife was hospitalized and could possibly lose their first baby.  Problem was she was due in April and it was early January.  Mind you, he did not know me in the natural, but said upon barely seeing and just meeting me that he discerned just who I was by the spirit and so asked if I would be willing to go to the hospital with him? I tried redirecting him to others who could equally help, however, he was not having it and I did go upon his beckoning. Neither of us had an agenda we would simply be Lord led from here. 

Once at the hospital I did not realize his wife was in the wing of the crisis unit?  I entered the crisis unit into her room while the pastor went and keeled by his wife's bedside. She was expecting me as he had phoned her ahead of time and told her I had agreed to come. In the natural we were strangers, yet bonded by the spirit.  I immediately found her to be a very sweet young woman a long way from home and family, who was uncertain about her and her baby's fate.

I in turn contacted five women who at the time were serving as ministry intercessors and asked them to intercede with us. I then proceeded to the sink washed and took out my bottle of anointed oil.  I prayed a spiritual warfare prayer over her, anointed her belly with oil and proclaimed that she and baby would both live and not die.  The Lord spoke in our midst that she would carry her living baby in her arms.  And he gave me specific words and scripture passages to leave her with.  We enjoyed a time fellowship afterward. You could see new life over her and her husband.  The spirit of the Lord God had shown up in our midst.

She told me later how valuable the words were that had been given, clinging on to every word for week's on end causing her not to give up. She did birth very early and hold in her arms a tiny underweight baby boy whom they named Samuel, which means heard or asked of God.  It was touch and go for a very long time but in the process of time God brought baby Samuel through perfectly and he would grow strong and healthy.

I hear they echo this story over and over again, leaving people in utter disbelief on the orchestration of God.  I thank God for the pleasure of holding baby Samuel in my arms, as well as meeting new friends in Christ.  To God be the Glory!

A Radio listener's 15-year business on the brink of closure  A Las Vegas, Nevada-USA listener contacted my outreach to share all the Lord had done. Week's earlier this woman sister E, called the ministry and asked if she could be sent the full version of the message that she had heard while driving her car over FM radio but only in part.  The message moved her to take action as it related to her 15-year nonprofit business on the edge of closure due to financial hardship. She cried out the heartfelt prayer as heard in the message asking the Lord to move on behalf of her work.

Prior to hearing the message she had called her city's local major newspaper to get her story out.  However, they turned her down.  After hearing the preached message she was directed this time by the spirit to once again contact the same newspaper to print her story, again initially they would not, but did place her on hold by phone and came back with a change of heart and told her they would print her story. 

The printing of her story caused funding and other resources to come in that saved her business in the community from closing.  The giving was so much that she literally ran out of space to hold items people were wanting to donate.  The local electric company said they could no longer accept any more payments toward her business electricity bill as she had too many credits that had been applied.  Checks were written to keep her business doors open in the community. The giving had become much and her organization was amply supplied and back on its feet financially and otherwise.  As we chatted by phone, we rejoiced greatly in the doings of our Lord!  To God be the Glory! The message she heard was Jesus Please Don't Leave Me in This Condition.  This message is accessible online over tunein radio at:


prophetic worship.mp3