The Love of My Life

Posted by Linda L. Johnson on Monday, October 2, 2017
By Sister Felicia, Blog Contributor

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The Love of My Life

In my season of singleness, I sometimes have feelings of loneliness.  I have met and spoke to other singles who have similar feelings.  One of the weapons I use to fight off these feelings of loneliness is writing/journaling.  I pour out whatever is inside of me on paper.  Sometimes those feelings are positive, in a state of thankfulness.  However in my periods of loneliness, the writing tends to be in a sad, “woe is me state of mind”.  Towards the end of my pity party, God shows up and reminds me, I have everything I need in Him.

One day not too long ago, the lonely feelings came upon me, so I decided to write a letter to “The love of my life”, which in my mind equated to the man that God is preparing for me.  In this writing I was sharing how I missed him and how my heart was ready to love him. I shared that I was preparing to be a selfless partner and friend.  Midway through this letter, I began to recount all of the times God had delivered me from areas of bondage as He was preparing me to be a wife.  Then I recounted the times God blessed me by answering my prayers or simply blessing me beyond anything I could ask or think.  I began to recount the love God had poured out to me and how He loved and accepted me in, as a sinner. Despite all of my filth and faults, God accepted me as I am, loving me unconditionally. As I pursued God, He began to teach me His ways and He worked on my heart, in the quest of showing me the princess of the King that I am. 

After I recounted all of these things, joy filled my heart!  I was no longer sad or lonely.  It was in that moment I realized, that I had already met “The Love of my Life”!  Jesus!  Jesus, is the love of my life!  I know many people say this and it can sound cliché, but when you take the time and write down on paper ALL of the things God has done for you, you cannot help but to feel special.  Truly loved. If you recount the time He saved you, the countless times He’s delivered you, the times He’s blessed you, you can’t help but to feel joy!  To make it personal for me, I recounted the very day He saved me, when He delivered me from the health scare of cervical cancer, when he delivered me  from the enemy’s attempts to take my life, when He delivered me from fornication, when He loved my son so much that He would save his life when the enemy told me to abort him 16 years ago, when He allowed me to graduate from college in 4 years despite having a child, how He blessed me to have a successful career at multiple fortune 500 companies despite being a single mother, how He’s blessed me to travel with my son, how He has provided me with more than enough despite the fact that I’m supposed to be a statistic and most importantly, the fact the He loves me unconditionally, just because.  He has shown me true love.  He’s never left me or forsook me despite the times when I’ve chosen to leave Him. He is still faithful!

Therefore, brothers and sisters in Christ, before you seek the love a man or woman, desiring to develop a relationship with a person, ensure the true love of your life is Jesus.  No man or woman can ever love you with the love your Father God has for you.  It is from Jesus that we learn how to love another person. We’re required to love how He has loved us.  We must love unconditionally even when we don’t feel “loving feelings” or feel we have been wronged by our mate. Why? Jesus still loved us despite of all the times we’ve sinned against Him.  We must possess the fruit of the spirit with the mate God has called us to, being loving, patient, kind, etc. towards them always (see Galatians 5:22-23).  If you have experienced true transformation with God, which I pray you have, then God has shown you true love.  It is our responsibility to love in the same manner.

May God bless and keep you!


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