The Pillars of Cloud and Fire

Posted by Linda L. Johnson on Friday, June 24, 2011

A word to those tired of waiting, those desiring to forge ahead, those desiring change, those being re-directed, or those in preparation.  All you have to do is to become sensitive and obedient to his doings in your life as you cross your Red Seas, “a place of transitioning.”

We know that the Israelites while enroute to a better place God had ordained for them, ONLY moved by day when the cloud moved (as to direct them by day). The Word tells us “they tarried LONG many days", holding steady, because of the stand still of the cloud. And the same principle with the fire by night moving or holding steady accordingly.

Thank God for Moses’ leadership. He determined that he would NOT MAKE A MOVE without the Lord’s presence going before them.  

We know that The Pillars was a theophany, {God’s appearance in physical form} to direct his people.  You may recall God led them the LONG route to Canaan. Let’s face it, we hate the long routes, but we also now know the reason why he did. Man of God, woman of God-- allow his pillars {presence} to lead, guide and direct you regarding where is trying to take YOU!  God, much like our 21st century’s mapquest, knows the short routes, long routes, delays, and rationale in his dealings with you. 

Aside from the fact that to us many times, his choices, timing and leadings don’t always make sense?  YOU MUST REMEMBER IN THE END through the guidance of his manifested presence through the pillars, his people not only escaped bondage and crossed the Red Sea but they reached their divine destiny—the Promised Land. 

What has he purposed for YOU? Become spiritually sensitive and obedient. Move, hold steady, start and stop, in accordance to his leading.

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