In the timing of the Lord, Linda would fulfill her call as a Gospel Preacher; evangelizing and bombarding the atmospheric realm by uttering his message using the channel of voice through the platform of christian radio.

Hometown:   Minneapolis, MN USA

Active:           1995 - present

Linda L. Johnson became a born-again Christian believer in 1978 from a former lifestyle of worldly pleasures. After conversion, the Lord led her to a small local assembly, a church that practiced ongoing prayer and intercession that would not only serve to be an environment conducive for her Christian growth and maturity but that foundation of prayer charted her course as a believer.  In time, she became an ardent and passionate follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1995 under the guidance of the Spirit, Linda answered the Lord's call and would become his vessel, ambassador and mouthpiece to mass listeners by way of radio and other multimedia platforms such as publications and cable and community television stations.

Her call and work was confirmed through the prophetic prior to walking in her calling: "Linda, you will not just be holding a home bible study, but in the near future you will be teaching and preaching too.  I see many people. I see you by the spirit ministering to many people.  I see you doing this on a Saturday.

She began her assignment in her hometown by meeting with the General Manager of her local Christian FM radio station where she would sign her first contract to secure her ministry's Words for Life Radio Broadcast on air radio slot. The manager incidentally informed her they had no availabilities for her on-air ministry with the exception of Saturday evenings as prophetically declared.

Being led of the Spirit of the Lord and  just two years into her local broadcast Linda was directed to begin territory enlargement of her ministry expanding its preaching reach from local FM to US city-to-city radio stations.  

In the process of time while actively ministering over US stations the Lord opened doors for her to further broadcast over international regions where listeners within the sound of her voice would be without opportunity or excuse to hear the Word and the call for salvation and to respond.


The ministry’s broadcast has been carried over a host of  Internet, AM, FM, and Shortwave platforms among which include: Jesus Saves Radio-Manchester UK, Malawi Channel for All Nations- East Africa, The Voice of Gospel- Chennai, India, Adoration FM Radio Station- Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, KKVV  Christian Talk Radio -Las Vegas, Nevada USA, Ghana Podcast channel, WYZE FM Radio Atlanta, Georgia USA, J.FM Live internet radio station and WINB Shortwave. 

In her endeavors to expand the mission and to reach individuals from all walks of life she has made her radio ministry available and heard today as a podcast, over the mega online station TuneIn, the American online audio streaming service, where you'll also find global news, talk, and major sports programming.



Editorial Director of Label Me Royalty invited Linda to share a snapshot of her story now included in the I Am Royalty: Profiles in Black History Book series volume 3.  A series created to bring positive light by way of stories into dark places. 


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      Instrumental Credit:  Prophetic Worship by: C Bracy Sr