American Christian Minister & Radio Ministry Broadcaster

Active:        1995 - Present

Hometown:  Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I was born and raised in the states in the city of Minneapolis, 

I come from a family of 10, my parents along with my seven siblings.  My parents are now deceased. My father was a functioning alcoholic and business owner, my mother was a homemaker. Though they were loving and did the best they could, they were not Christians. Yet, I thank God for them. They were ordained to be my parents and I would not change anything about this even if I could.  However, it was God's plan for my life that I be saved. 

His purpose for me unfolded in July of 1978 which is when I became a born-again Christian.  Upon conversion the Lord was directing my course first leading me to a small local assembly that practiced ongoing prayer and intercession that would not only serve to be an environment conducive for my spiritual growth and maturity, but that ministry of prayer charted my course as a believer.

In the early 90's I began having frequent visions when praying.  My prayers at times would just abruptly shift and I would see, though only blurry faces.  This was unusual for me. What I would see was always the same thing, an auditorium filled with rows of people sitting and listening as I spoke. Then with a sudden thrust likened to a push of a blowing of an invisible wind I would open my mouth and speak the word of the Lord out to the listening audience that was present in the vision.  All the while in the natural realm it was only me in the flesh present in my literal physical room.  Occasionally, I would get a flash where I would clearly see the people, but most of the times their faces were only a mere blur.  

In 1995 those visions were made plain. The Lord had called me to declare his word by way of a radio ministry.  My prior visions clicked and now made sense to me.  When speaking over radio I would not have the ability to see people, much like in my visions where faces of people were primarily always blurred. Yet, I could always sense their presence and that’s because they were present by way of listening.  

I launched my radio broadcast first in my hometown where I met with the General Manager of our Christian FM radio station. We discussed the protocols of getting my Words for Life Radio Teaching & Preaching Broadcast out over the airwaves. In so doing, he incidentally informed me that they had no availabilities for airing my broadcast, with the exception of a Saturday, precisely as it had been prophetically foretold.  I was nearly two years in preaching the local broadcast when the Spirit of the Lord directed me to begin making preparation for territorial enlargement and advancement heralding and declaring his messages out to US city-to-city Christian radio stations.  When I began the ministry, we had no podcasting, internet radio, Facebook Live, Satellite or other social media platforms that we have available today.  Yet, given the times I was declaring his word by any means necessary; pulpit, evangelism, shortwave radio, even dissemination by boat where tapes were shipped overseas where listeners there within the sound of my voice would also be privy to the opportunity to hear and respond in accordance to the word that says: "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And 

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      Instrumental Credit:  Prophetic Worship by: C Bracy Sr