1995 - Present

Background and Missional Overview
{Submitted by Linda L. Johnson}

I was born and raised in the states in the city of Minneapolis, 

I come from a family of 10. My parents (now deceased) along with my seven siblings.  My father was a functioning alcoholic and business owner. My mother was a homemaker. Though they were loving and did the best they could, neither of them were Christians. Yet, I thank the Lord for them. I would not have become the woman I am today without their care.

Fast forward... prior to conversion I was a party girl with live-in relationships and over time I became a young unwed mother.  Nonetheless, God had purpose for me.  In July of 1978 I became a born-again Christian and allowed the Lord to chart my course and to work out his purposes for me. I instantly recognized I needed and desired a church home to better acquaint myself with the teachings of Christianity. Within two weeks my desire was fulfilled.  

Fast forward...I began having open visions when praying which at the time I didn't understand.  The vision picture was repetitive. Which was an auditorium filled with people attentive and listening as I spoke.  I liken those visions to daydreams or brief pictutre videos.  Occasionally, I would get a flash where I could "quickly see the people" who were of different races, but generally their faces were blurred and fuzzy which blocked my view.  

In 1995, God's appointed time, those visions were made plain. The Lord had given me my earthly assignment which was to speak his word by way of radio where people would listen to my voice while preaching. However, I would not see them. Though I would see them at times, because I would occasionally do in-person off radio preachings.

My call and assignment was prophetically confirmed by a prophet who boldly declared: "Linda, your preachings and teachings would go out to many people and it would go forth on a Saturday in the near future."  Six months later, my "Words for Life,"  broadcast would begin airing locally over Christian radio station KNOF. FM in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota USA every Saturday. Which by the way, was the only available day the station could begin airing my pre-recorded messages.

A Good News Radio Voice!
Within nearly two years of faithfully preaching my local broadcast the Spirit of my Lord directed me to expand my territorial voice expansion whereby widening and heralding his messages to other cities and ultimately international regions.

There was no podcasting, internet radio, Facebook Live, Satellite radio and the like, 28 years ago. Yet, given the times, I shared and declared his word by any means necessary by way of  pulpit, door knocking evangelism, the streets, jails, nursing homes, bars, homeless shelters, shortwave radio, publications, and even dissemination by boat, where broadcast tapes were shipped overseas, whereby listeners in other regions would also be afforded the opportunity to hear the Good News and respond in accordance to scriptures that says: "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent?" 
-Romans 10:14-15

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