American Christian Minister & Radio Ministry Broadcaster

Active:        1995 - Present

Hometown:  Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I was born and raised in the states in the city of Minneapolis, 

I come from a family of 10, my parents (now deceased) along with my seven siblings.  My father was a functioning alcoholic and business owner, and my mother was a homemaker. Though they were loving and did the best they could, neither were Christians. Yet, I thank the Lord for them. I would not have become the woman I am today without their care and influence. 

Prior to conversion I was a party girl with live-in relationships and over time became a young unwed mom.  But thank God for Jesus. He make's the difference! God's will and purpose for my life unfolded in July of 1978 when I became a born-again Christian.  Upon conversion and having received at that same time an infusion of his Spirit, the hand of my Lord was charting my course.  I instantly desired and needed a church home since I was a new babe in Christ and within two weeks that desire was fulfilled.  Through a friend who also was a new babe in Christ, we began attending a small local assembly that was only a year old at the time so wasn't mega in numbers and church leadership got to know you personally and keep careful watch. They were seasoned leaders  who not only preached the Word but the fundamentals of Christianity including prayer, intercession,  proper fasting, they held church revivals and shut-ins were also frequent. In this church, involvement in some fashion was important. They believed that you weren't just saved to hear, get fat in the word and take a seat.  You were saved to serve.  I have never forgotten what one of the church mother's said, "be ready because each of you will be up occasionally to teach and encourage us from your bible. You need to get trained now because you won't always be in this little church. You are being trained to go out to do a work."  As I grew in the Lord I would later come to realize just how important all of this would be for my life, Christian walk and ministry.  God sent me to a church conducive for me for the long haul.  That church is now defunct and those leaders are now deceased. But their living was not in vain.

In the early 90's I began having occasional visions when praying.  This was not ordinary for me and at the time didn't understand.  I would frequently see the same thing, an auditorium filled with rows of people sitting and listening as I spoke.  I liken it as to daydreams.  Occasionally, I would get a flash where I could clearly see the people of different races, but most of the time their faces were blurred, hazy and fuzzy where I could not see them; yet they were present, by way of aura.

In 1995, God's appointed time, the vision spoke and was made plain. My Lord had called me to speak his word by way of radio.  This call was prophetically confirmed by a prophet who told me that this would come to pass.  Not only would it come to pass but they boldly declared: "Linda, your preaching and teachings would go out to many, many people and it would go forth on a Saturday in the near future."  It came to pass six months later, on a Saturday.

Those visions had clicked and now suddenly made sense to me.  When speaking over radio I do not see people, much like in my visions where the faces of people were primarily always blurred. Yet, I could always sense them near in the atmosphere. This too was confirmed when the ministry was contacted by listeners who had listened in from the local jail, college dorms, from their homes and automobiles.  

A Good News Radio Voice!

In late 1995, I met with the General Manager of my hometown Christian FM radio station. He informed me that they had no weekday program time availabilities for airing my broadcast.  He further went on to inform me that "we do have an open slot on a Saturday."  I secured the Saturday time slot and signed an initial three-month radio contract agreement launching the ministry's radio broadcast which began in Minnesota's Twin Cities Minneapolis-St. Paul region.  I was nearly two years into preaching the local broadcast when the Spirit of my Lord spoke that I was to prepare the work for territorial voice expansion, widening and heralding his messages to other US Christian stations as well.


About 2002 the ministry received an unusual request from a pastor from the region of Pakistan asking if my outreach would grant permission copyrights that would make way for a handpicked Pakistani female to translate and teach from my audio taped English radio broadcast messages out to individuals to hear and receive in their URDU language. 

In the mid-90s, when I launched my first broadcast,  we had no podcasting, or internet radio, Facebook Live, Satellite radio or other such social media audio platforms we have available today.  Yet, given the times, I shared and declared his word "by any means necessary;" albeit pulpit, door knocking evangelism, the streets, even dissemination by boat where broadcast tapes were shipped along with books and clothing to the less fortunate overseas, whereby listeners there would also be privy to the opportunity to hear the Good News and respond in accordance to the scriptures that says: "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent?" Romans 10:14-15

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