"Jesus Beckons." The truth is God has a wonderful plan for "your life" that you never ever dreamed possible.  While in Colima I was speaking with a former Mexican cartel gang member who wanted out but unfortunately freedom for him would not come without a price.  He was ultimately conditionally released, upon demand and down-payment of $10,000 which his mother who lived in poverty somehow managed to raise and give them for the desperate release of her son back-- alive!  I watched this tough former cartel speak with me while at the same time weeping.  I beckoned him to give his life to the Lord so that God could have the opportunity to make a total transformation in his life once and for all.  How about you? 

The bible says in St. John 3:7 that we Must Be Born Again.  How do we become saved or born again? Romans 10:9 tell us that "if you declare with your mouth, Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved."  Don't you hear him knocking at the door of your heart?  Child that's him calling you. Let him Save you right now. 

The Ministry of Prayer 

This mission receives all prayer requests and makes intercession upon receipt of your Contact Us submission. 

This mission continuously prays for the peace of Jerusalem. -Psalm 122 

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